• Sealicone, l'expertise étanchéité: conseil et prototypage


Who we are ?


Sealicone designs and makes sealing systems, springs and textile products since your specifications.

15 years of expertise in the aeronautical design of sealing systems !

Seals are critical products which have an important role in the aerodynamic performance, the passenger comfort, and which participate in the optimization of maintenance costs. That is why, Sealicone, proposes to the actors of the military, naval, spatial, railroad and aeronautical sectors this experience and new services turned to the sealing systems.

Seals are often considered in the developments too late. To remedy the risks of wasting of time and money which would ensue from it, Sealicone proposes simple, fast and effective tools.

Let us work together upstream for a better control of the risks and all the parameters of the project (quality, cost, dealines) so that every development is a success !

20 years of experience in springs !

Our experience and our know-how allows us to design the spring adapted to your environment and to the required feature, this with a fast development for an immediate validation on prototype.