• Sealicone, l'expertise étanchéité: conseil et prototypage

Design and manufacturing of sealing systems

Sealicone has a recent and efficient production tool.

This one allows making seals of complex shape and/or big size.

It also allows to integrate into the joints of the textile reinforcements which optimize their efficiency, their weight, their life expectancy and so to adapt them as closely as possible to your need.

Auxiliary services relative to sealing systems

Training +

Sealicone proposes training your collaborators in the rules of design of seals. This training allows the consideration upstream to specificities linked to the waterproofnesses and to optimize their designs and their performances.

Expertise +

Sealicone intervenes at the customer's in the important milestones of the project to validate elements impacting on the waterproofness and to propose the necessary improvements.

Prototype +

Sealicone developed a process allowing the manufacturing of prototypes in a fast and faithful way. These are very useful to validate the technological choices during the phases of development to raise the identified risks.